History of Madison Township

A great deal of evidence exists documenting the area now known as Madison Township to be of historical significance.  The history of the township dates back many years even to the times of the Native Americans.  Records from early explorers have documented meetings with the Native American tribes such as the Mound Builders and the Senecas.  Other archaeological evidence also suggests the presence of Native American camps and villages within Madison Township.

It is believed that Madison Township was the setting of the first settlement in Licking County.  In 1798 Elias Hughes and John Ratliff settled on the prairie lands located near the Bowling Green Run.  They farmed the land raising corn in the rich, fertile soil.  Later Isaac Staddens settled and also raised a corn crop in 1800.  In 1812 Madison Township was organized. 
The Licking River and its tributaries provided the Madison Township with excellent farm land for the crops.  Many attractive wooded areas also existed. As more people settled in the township; churches, schoolhouses, and mills were built for the community.  Eventually other forms of transportation were brought to the area.  Along the Licking River valley, the Ohio Canal ran through the township as did both the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad and Panhandle Railroad. These modes of transportation provided the people of the township many opportunities.   

As of 2010 Madison Township is home to 3,211 residents.  
(Figures obtained from the US Census Bureau)
****Historical information taken from the History of Licking County.

The Ohio Erie Canal


The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad