Media Contact: Sean Grady, EMA Director (740) 670-5577

Residents to receive warning information from new
​Mass Notification System in the Licking County.

3/7/2016 LICKING COUNTY, OHIO – The Licking County Emergency Management Agency has contracted with a new mass notification vendor, Rave Mobile Safety. Changes will take effect March 7th, 2016. 

All warnings sent out to the residents of Licking County will be handled by Rave Mobile Safety as of March 7th.  This new system will require residents to sign up for it to receive cell, text or email alerts at and click on the Rave logo on the left side of the page.  Landlines within the County will be preloaded into the system.

The new system will provide the ability to send out more “Weather Warning” messages from the National Weather Service and the new system also gives residents the ability to self-identify if they have special needs or mobility issues.  Having this type of information provides the first responders with more accurate information when responding to a medical emergency or when coordinating an evacuation of an area.

Residents can call the Emergency Management office at 740-670-5861 for additional information or assistance with signing up.

Sean Grady- EMA Director          John Wieber- Deputy Director